award winning musician  •  documentary filmmaker    •  photographer   •  audio/video engineer  •  graphic design 

Notable Creations

Here are some of the creative art projects I have made or been apart of since 2005, most of them being funded 

with my own hard earned dollars that I made by working min. wage retail jobs, just like most artists dream of!



Synopsis: 7.8 billion dreams of tomorrow, the resolute heart beats for unity and peace. Since birth it is reinforced that we live in a world separated by arbitrary division - politics, gender, borders, appearance. Though for the 7.8 billion of us to move forward together and take care of our home, Earth, we must connect with our own resolute heart, that gut instinct of hope and love, to remind one another that we are all linked with an innate desire to live in unity and peace. “Resolute Heart”, a song and music video by musician and filmmaker David Porteous, features only one character - unity.

Watch it on April 22, 2022


(and a dedication to a podcast)

I recorded a song I wrote called “Fighting Talk” and dedicated it to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

The song was announced via 


which is a big deal because when you say 

“THE WORLD’S FIRST _____” etc it sounds impressive.



“Forevermore”    (Music Video + Fundraiser -/- 2021)

A Song In dedication to the Nurses 

for International Nurses Day 2021

All sales will be donated to a Nurse for her Retirement Fund. 




I would like to give back to my Mom for her so many years of service as a nurse and for all the years of support and encouragement to follow my dreams in the arts.  

It would really mean a lot if you would be so kind to spend the $1 (or more, if you wanted!) for my Mom’s retirement in honour of her 45 + years helping others.  Thanks for listening.

“Resolute Heart”    (Music Video -/- 2022)

“Fighting Talk (The Joe Rogan Experience Dedication)”    (Giant Press Release -/- 2021)

“A Dollar A Lap to Stop The Gap”    (Promotional Videos + Fundraiser -/- 2019)

In 2019 I organized fundraisers and directed promotional videos to raise money and awareness for the accessibility-focused StopGap Foundation. 

With the help and support of Surgere, Fatboy Racing and Indycar’s the Road to Indy, the fundraisers generated over $10 000 for the  StopGap Foundation, which equates to the cost of building over 40 accessible wheelchair ramps!

“Music Tour for the Canadian Women’s Foundation”    (Music Tour -/- 2015)

I organized and headlined a solo music tour across the East Coast of Canada to raise money and awareness for the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The 10-show tour featured over 25 independent musicians, more than half of the performers being women, and in total raised over $3600 for the Canadian Women’s Foundation!

“The funds raised will help women and girls across Canada move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence. Thank you David!”

- Jessica Howard, Canadian Women’s Foundation

“Boy Meets Girl”    (Feature Film -/- 2015)

I was proud to write and record some my songs for the feature film Boy Meets Girl, directed by Eric Schaeffer. The film stars trans actor Michelle Hendley and includes Michel Welch (Twilight).

Schaeffer has also released a wide variety of releases including If Lucy Fell starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson.

Boy Meets Girl was a big success and won over 30 film festival awards including a GLAAD Media Award. 

“The Dirt”    (Music Video -/- 2015)

“The Dirt” is the World’s First Music Video for the Deaf . 

My goal was to show the deaf community how recorded music is constructed. The music video was featured on the CBC and other news outlets.

Each instrument in this video was created from scratch by filming various light sources. The size, texture and position of each 'visual instrument' reflects how the instrument was mixed in the audio recording. The colour of the instrument is significant with regard to it's pitch.

"You don’t need to be able to hear to enjoy this song."

- the Daily What

Click here to watch the music video.

“War Music”    (Documentary Film + Music Release -/- 2010)

Writing music in a WWII foxhole, Foy, Belgium

Row after row of white marble headstones. Beaches that were stormed by Allied troops during World War II. A young Canadian with only his acoustic guitar and his camera.

War Music documents 22-year-old singer / song-writer David Porteous' solo journey across Europe as he writes and records music inspired by the people he meets and the places he visits.

David's powerful, emotive music provides a soundtrack that draws us deep into an often glamorized time in human history and gives us an incredibly honest look at how World War II continues to affect us.

War Music was featured on CBC, The Toronto Star, Inside Toronto, BBC

Click here to watch the War Music documentary for free

Philip Selway with Guy Garvey at Manchester Library

“Drum Kit Donation In Memory of Scott Johnson”    (Fundraisers -/- 2013-2015)

As a longtime Radiohead fan, I felt compelled to do something positive after hearing the news that their drum tech, Scott Johnson, was killed hours before a performance due to a stage collapse.  In turn I held a series of In Memoriam concerns and raised money to purchase an electronic drum kit which I donated to the Fort York Library in Toronto, in memory of Scott.

Philip Selway of Radiohead found out about the donation and met with me in Toronto to discuss doing something similar in the UK. A month later, live on BBC Radio, Philip donated a drum kit to Manchester Library alongside Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Stephen Morris (Joy Division).  Now anyone with a library card can play these drum kits for free!

Click here to listen to Philip Selway discuss my drum kit

 initiative live on BBC Radio 6!

“Shoot The Image”    (Band + Music Release -/- 2010-2014)

David Porteous at the Sound Academy
Boz Boorer and David Porteous, Portugal 2010

Simeon Ross, who I had been playing lead guitar with since 2004, asked me if I wanted to play guitar in a new band called Shoot The Image. I love Simeon’s songwriting so naturally I said yes.

Box Boorer, guitar player with Morrissey and Edwyn Collins, caught Simeon playing a solo show in the UK and they hit it off. Fast forward a few months and the band was invited to record our first album at Boz’s private studio in the secluded mountains of Portugal.

It was a great experience writing and recording songs in such a relaxed and picturesque atmosphere. We ended up doing a bunch of sold out shows and headlined a Brit night at the MOD Club in Toronto. Definitely one of the most fun bands I’ve played with!

“Memoriam”    (Music Release -/- 2011)

This album was recorded as an acknowledgement to the suffering endured by the civilians caught in the middle of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

It is not my intention to place blame on any party involved in these conflicts. This album is not anti-American, this album is not pro-Taliban. This is not my effort to remove support for the troops.

If we support conflict, whether physically, politically or even financially through our tax dollars, then we must at the very least act as adults and acknowledge, confront and be honest about the realities that are a part of war. Perhaps in the future when discussing the possibilities of conflict, we might start to consider those whom will inevitably suffer the most. 

“The Sicks”    (Parody Comedy Web-Series -/- 2017)

The Sicks is a comedy-parody web-series* about life in the city of Toronto, complete with fictitious commercials, prank phone calls,  made-up tourism videos, real artistic performances and even a radio station.

Created by Toronto resident David Porteous, The Sicks offers a highly imaginative melding of reality and fiction. Even BlogTO got fooled by The Sicks.

“…you’ll appreciate the pilot episode of The Sicks.”

- Alan Cross

Click here to watch The Sicks

“Twelve Months”    (12- EP Music Release -/- 2010)

In 2010 I dared myself to write and record a new EP, every month for a year straight. I have always enjoyed pushing myself artistically-speaking and after a few months in, I realized how beneficial it was as a songwriter, even if just for practice-sake. 

In turn, I found myself dedicating some time each day to pick up an instrument and write. After all, I wanted to stay on top of things and didn’t end up wanting to release 12 EPs full of shoddy music. By the end I had written over 300 songs and the final product was a 70 song 12-EP music release with over 4 hours of new material. 

Here are some of favourite songs that came out of this project.

A Day in The Life 

Flammen og Citronen

In Tranzit

“North by Not Easy”    (Music Festival -/- 2008)


As a result of uncovering what I would call some disappointing and shady booking practices of various “indie” music festivals such as NXNE (North by Northeast, sister festival to SXSW), I organized my own festival called “North by Not Easy”.  All of the Artists who performed were rejected from playing NXNE, a festival of rejects, if you were. My festival was a big success with a solid turn out and was full of lots of positive energy. One of the most fun shows I’ve ever played!

The goal of North by Not Easy was to try and get these “indie” festivals to actually showcase real indie musicians and not to just book your mates on the perfect Saturday night slot at the best venue in the city when other bands, all whom have to pay an application fee of anywhere between $50-150 just to apply to potentially play a showcase spot, a slot can turn out to be at 2am slot on a Wednesday in front of no one with no press, no media, no support. 

However, as a result of creating this festival, I later found out I been blacklisted from several music clubs in Toronto, blacklisted from at least 2 music publications and even NXNE head programmer John Kastner (Bran Van 3000), personally reached out to inform me that I had been formally blacklisted from playing NXNE ever again, quote “you are to busy running your mouth with bull shit like this. Don't bother applying again because you are not welcome.” 

Sounds good to me, John! 

“Poppy Scotland”    (Charity Fundraiser -/- 2006)

I was proud to organize and perform at a fundraiser to raise money for Poppy Scotland, an organization that supports Scottish Veterans with various support options.. 

It was a packed house at the 13th Note in Glasgow and as far as I recall I think we raised around $400 for the charity!

“My Fallen Company”    (Music Video Series -/- 2006)

The World’s First Video Music Album for portable Video players! 

Filmed on the countryside in Ayrshire, Scotland, this video album featured live off the floor writing and recording from various locations including a castle, a cemetery and even on the edge of a cliff!