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Guitar Samples

Below are a collection of samples of my guitar solos, rhythm guitar work,  atmospheric sounds and fretless bass guitar. All of these guitar parts were written by myself and most of them were recorded in my own studio. View the bottom part of this site for more details on online/remote recording and my contact details.

Recording and live performance

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In person Studio Recording

Online/Remote Studio Recording

Live Concert Performance


Studio Recording

I can record my electric and acoustic guitar work for your next project at my own sound reinforced studio utilizing the highest quality recording equipment. Once I record the parts, Ia send the files for you to use as you wish.



LA-610 Tube Mic Pre/EQ/Compressor

WA76 1176 Style Compressor

Groove Tubes Brick Tube Mic Pre

7602 mkII 1073 style Mic Pre/EQ

Joe Meek Channel Strip

Apogee and Avid A/D/A Convertors








Pro Tools


Guitars For Days

Over the years I have been lucky enough to collect many types of guitars that will fit any type of live concert or studio session. Here are some from my collection:



American Stratocaster

Ibanez Artcore Hollowbody

Fender Precision Bass (fretless)

American Telecaster

1960’s Teisco

Ibanez Artcore semi-hollowbody



1970’s Takamine (Martin Headstock)

1980’s Yamaha 

Taylor Baby with LR Baggs pickup

Resonator Guitar

Fender Mandolin

Other Gear

I believe the trick to getting the best guitar tone is keeping the signal chain simple! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a collection of handy tools to help carve out the perfect guitar sound.



Fender Princeton Reverb (circa 1972)

Traynor Custom Valve 20W

VOX Cabinet  (in isolation box)


Pedals include:

Moog Minifooger Analog Delay

Keeley C2 Compressor

Turbo RAT

Boss CE-2 

1980s DOD Analog Delay

Hartman Germanium Fuzz

LR Baggs Acoustic DI with EQ


David Porteous is a Canadian solo singer/songwriter, creative advisor, music producer, documentary filmmaker, lead guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and comedy writer who currently resides in Toronto, Canada.


David Porteous has played guitar for over 20 years and has performed with many bands including Uniter, Shoot The Image, Simeon Ross, Ryan Isojima, Mr. & Mrs. Fox, Randolph’s Leap, Le Peep, Sir Noah Shark, Blackwatch and many more. 


His lead guitar playing has taken him around the world to work with many well respected musicians and producers including Boz Boorer (Morrissey), Reuben Ghose (Death Cab For Cutie) and Rob Lamothe (Melissa McClelland of Whitehorse) and Michael Gückel (Sir Noah Shark). Over the years Porteous has toured  around the world playing guitar including Canada, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA, England, Scotland, Portugal and Iceland. 


David Porteous is available for in-person and online/remote studio sessions, touring worldwide as well as local Toronto live performances.


To contact David Porteous, email contact @ davidporteous.ca 

Rates are set on a per-project basis.

Performing with Shoot The Image, El MocamboToronto

Online/Remote Recording

How does it work?


Simply contact me for details about what you are looking for. Once we seta rate for your project, you will send me a mix of your song and I will record guitar part(s) and provide a mix of your song with the guitar recording. Once you approve, you send payment via PayPal, bank transfer, etc and then I will send you the high quality guitar files I recorded.


Online recording is often an easy and cheaper way to get a session musician on your record as you do not need to worry about sorting out transportation, accommodation etc and since my studio time is incorporated into my rate, there is no need to worry about spending a great deal of money paying an hourly rate at a recording studio.

Contact :

contact @ davidporteous.ca