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"...a talented singer/songwriter and documentary filmmaker."

Janice Forsyth, BBC

"David Porteous has released another great CD."

Tegan and Sara

"...left the crowd speechless."

The Shield, review of CMW Showcase


February 20, 2020   Am proud to announce the release of my new documentary film about the motorsports team FatBoy Racing - watch it for free today!

January 28, 2020   A new EP has been released today entitled “tigerlily” - download it here.

October 16, 2019     Check out the release of David Porteous’ documentary short film, “The Fine Print”, featuring motorsports journalist Marshall Pruett. 

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Music Video

for the Deaf

“…you’ll appreciate the pilot episode of The Sicks.” 

Alan Cross


August 21, 2018        Salisbury, UK

August 23, 2018        London, UK

August 24, 2018        Doncaster, UK

August 24, 2018         London, UK

August 25, 2018         London, UK

December 13, 2018    Toronto, CAN

* 2020 Shows TBA

"It's so compelling and intriguing…it takes the 

musical experience to a whole other level."

Asha Tomlinson, CBC

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